Happy New Year!

Hi Everyone,

Happy New Year 2016 Image
Happy New Year 2016

Hope everybody had a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Have a fantastic 2016 and do amazing things.

Thanks so much to everybody who has supported me with my Leukaemia Foundation Trek The Inca Trail in May of 2016.

It’s now only 4 month’s until the Trek to Machu Picchu starts and I have been training and fundraising madly.

Our sausage sizzle at Westfield Fountain Gate on the 12th December 2015 was a success with us raising over $220 for the Leukaemia Foundation which brings me over the $1,000 dollar mark so far.

A big thank you to everyone who has helped by assisting at the fundraisers on donating their money towards this great cause.

I’ll be making another post soon with further information about my fundraising activities.


Family Fun Night @ Croc’s Playcentre Pakenham, VIC

I’m very excited to announce my first fundraising event, which is a Family Event at Croc’s Playcentre in Pakenham, VIC on Saturday the 19th December 2015 starting at 5:30pm going until 8:30pm. All proceeds are going to the Leukaemia Foundation for this event.

Kid’s will be able to have something to eat and drink, play on the fantastic equipment, have photos taken with Santa and even have a disco.

Parents the cafe will be open for you to make food and beverage purchases.

Tickets for 1 x Child and 1 x Adult Entry start at $35.00 and get cheaper depending on how many kids end up going.

For further information and to book tickets you can head to http://www.trybooking.com/JQLK or visit my Facebook event page at  https://www.facebook.com/events/1634325630169792/

Please come and support this fundraiser and together we can help the Leukaemia Foundation to continue the fantastic work they do every day supporting those in need.

Fundraising Events in South Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne

Just wanted to share that I will be announcing some fundraiser events in the next week or two to raise vital funds for both the travel costs of this challenge and the Leukaemia Foundation as well.

So far I’ve had a few ideas, if you would prefer to go to one over another then please let me know so I can work on those ideas first.

  • Movie Night at The Cinemas to see Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Aiming approximately for either the 19th or 20th of December starting 7pm.
  • Cocktail Party – Looking at “The Castle” in Dandenong, VIC as the Venue. Would go for approx 4 hours starting at 7pm. Food and Beverages, Entertainment, etc. Date would be in April 2016
  • Steak and Seafood night at one of our local restaurants in Beaconsfield, VIC.

Also have one HUGE idea, which if it can be pulled off would be an amazing event. Won’t go to far into details about it now, still in very early planning phase.

If you have any ideas or would like to go to one event over another please let me know – Simply click the contact me button in the menu and go from there 🙂

Should I Climb Machu Picchu’s Huayna Picchu Mountain?

So I have been looking further into my trip to Peru in 2016, and I have read a lot of reviews online which highly recommend climbing Huayna Picchu while in Machu Picchu.

First thing to know, is that i’m not all that good with heights. In fact I would say I border quite close to being very much afraid of them.

But try as I might, I can’t get the thought out of my head. I think I really want to do this, just to prove to myself that yes, you can do it.

Some of the pictures floating about on other hikers blogs are just amazing.

I even found this two part video on YouTube, which shows the entire ascent and descent on video.

Ascent Link

Descent Link

I have talked myself into it, I’m going to do it. Wish me luck!

If you have any comments or advice, i’m all ears 🙂





So I’ve Done It – I’ve Signed Up!!!!!

Welcome to the inaugural post for my new blog.

This blog will cover my adventure in the lead up to, during and after the Leukaemia Foundation Machu Picchu 2016 Challenge.

I’ve officially signed up for the Challenge now. Many thanks to Sharni and Charlie @ Inspired Adventures for helping answer all my questions over the last couple of weeks.

Now to get busy fundraising and training for the trek.