Inca Trail – Day 2

Inca Trail – Day 2

Waking up early, we had breakfast and set off on Day 2 of the trek.

First off we explored the ancient ruins near the camp site.


Day 2 was very challenging for me, I think the sheer enormity of what we were doing finally settled in and by about midday I was exhausted and suffering from the affects of Altitude Sickness. At the day 2 checkpoint I almost called it quits. I simply didn’t think I could do this.

Speaking with the lead Guide and the other guides they said that I could turn back and meet the team in Machu Picchu, but that they thought I had it in me to complete the trek. Hearing this, something inside just clicked and that was it – my mind was made up. This wasn’t going to beat me, I was going to make it all the way towards the end.

We made our way to the camp site on day 2 and got there about 4:30/4:45pm – the sunlight was just starting to retreat and it looked amazing.

Llulluchapampa was an amazing camp site located approx 3,680m above sea level.


During dinner we were asked to give some background on ourselves and what our motivations for the trek had been. Listening to all the stories the group had and the experiences with Leukemia was very humbling and all together a rather emotional section of the night. So so many brave and strong people in our group, all united by a common cause – to further Leukaemia research.

Bed time came, it was very cold during the night but I managed to sleep very soundly.


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