Inca Trail – Day 3

Inca Trail – Day 3

Waking up today, we all knew it was going to be a big day for us. Today is the longest day km wise as well as ascending Dead Woman’s Pass, descending again and then climbing to our second peak of the day and descending.


After having our breakfast we set off on our way. Apparently Jimmy (our lead guide) thought it best I lead the group up the pass, a 2 or so hour ascend of the stairs to Dead Woman’s Pass. We all did amazingly well on this, and getting to the top of the pass was an achievement in itself. 4,200 meters above sea level. What an amazing view.

Dead Womans Pass - Inca Trail

Descending the stairs into the valley bellow, we then started our ascension to the next peak of the day.

After stopping here for a little while we started to go down again, noticing that the clouds were building. We are approx 45 minutes away from our lunch spot when the heavens opened and the deluge came down on us. It even caught the guides off guard since it usually doesn’t rain in May on the trek and if it does then its usually only spot rain.

Getting to our lunch spot, we were drenched / cold and I was feeling rather abysmal to say the least. After lunch the rest of the group headed to the camp site under the watchful eyes of 2 of the guides and myself and the other guide slowly made our way to the campsite.

Suffice to say it was a very very long day, and we finally made it into the camp site at 7:00pm – after resting and getting warm we had dinner, but I didn’t linger long as I was so tired. In bed I feel asleep and slept probably the best I had on the trek.

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